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Leah Fairbanks…


I own a glass shop called “The Mandrel” where I host classes taught by well known glass bead makers… This month Leah Fairbanks came down from Ashland, Oregon to teach a 3 day class. 

We’re on day one… this is Leah:

These are Leah beads:

Here’s some close up:

Her beads are stunning.  Please check them out at or you can see them in person if you happen to be in Vegas this April 9-11 where she’ll have booth at the Glass Craft Expo which is held at the South Point Casino. 

I’ll be there Thursday (which means The Mandrel will be closed on Thursday April 8 and Friday April 9) and I’m taking my very first marble class with Josh Mazet… yay!

Step outside the comfort zone…


So, maybe you heard or maybe you haven’t.  I signed up for a marble show a few months ago.  I was so confident I would have a wonderful array of contemporary soft glass marbles for people to choose from.  But alas, I did not.  I had 15 marbles.  Yup, count ’em… 15.

I got discouraged when I dropped a couple and the encasing of opal yellow glass actually cracked off from the clear core inside.  All that work down the drain.  I couldn’t figure out what I had done wrong, I had made several other marbles in the exact same way.  😦

So, I procrastinated, then there was a class to prepare for, and then suddenly I had a bead show coming up.  So I made beads (more procrastination), then I was on vacation in Hawaii with no access to my torch.  We got home, and I had exactly one week left before the show.  In my state of panic, I decided to not worry about it.  “Go with the flow” if you will.  No worries, it is what it is… get my drift?

I managed to crank out 6 more marbles to add to the 8 I already had.  So I took my pathetic inventory of marbles and added some “round round” beads and some jewelry to my table display.  I didn’t stress over it.  I had a good time and met some new people.  No one said, “hey dumb ass, your marble display is pathetic”.  In fact quite the opposite, I was complimented by a fantastic marble maker, Travis Weber, for stepping outside my comfort zone.  Glassy people rock, thanks for letting me be a part of your world!

Sorry. I’m a flake.


So, I flaked yesterday… I was a vendor at a marble show in Fullerton.  These are some of the “round round” beads I took with me.  I sold a couple of marbles too… go me!  I swiped the above pic from my friend Denise.

So my excuse for not posting yesterday is this… I have some kind of “bronchitis” thing going on, my older son said I sound like a 13 yo boy (voice cracking).  After getting up at 6:30 and working all day, then going to see an amazing collection of marbles at Brian Bowden‘s house, I actually stopped at a grocery store all by myself (I have a “thing” against grocery stores for those of you who don’t know me).  I got some cold medicine, some throat lozenges and a package of dark chocolate peanut butter cups… then I came home took my medicine and made some soup, then I burnt my tongue on the too hot soup.  I was wiped out, I whined to my online friends and went to sleep.  So that’s my excuse. 

And hey, if you wanna, I have a contest going on here.

Beadie Give Away…


So, I’m sitting here in wonderment at the views my blog has gotten, over 300 in less than 30 days.  I don’t know if that’s good or not in “blog world” but in my world, that means more than 10 people per day have taken the time to take a gander at what little ol’ me has to say.  I think that’s awesome 🙂

But, I wonder how I can get more people to hit that “Follow” button?  Hmmm, maybe a little beadie goodness will entice some peeps to not only “Follow” my blog but also to post a comment…

Watcha think?

Here’s the deal… “Follow” my blog AND post a comment and you’ll be entered to win one of my focal beads… I have a few dozen focal beads, and because I’m kinda all over the board when it comes to making them, I think they are just too random in the display so I don’t sell a lot of them… no buyers?  Give ’em away!  Yay!

Please make sure you leave an email addy for me to contact you… If you’ve already hit that “Follow” button but haven’t commented, please comment and you’ll be entered.  If you are already Following and have made a comment, stress no further, you’re entered!  How easy is that??

I think I’ll do this every couple of weeks or so… this contest starts as soon as you’re done reading this and ends at Noon on March 25… Maybe I’ll have Leah Fairbanks draw the winner… hmmmm.  BTW, if it’s after March 25 when you read this, stay tuned, I do this again… in the mean time, the above rules are still enforced.  If you Follow and leave a comment I will enter you in the next drawing 🙂

Here’s the bead that’s up for grabs…
 Good Luck!!