Fun Things and Pretty Things…


There is a place over here called the “Dean Conklin Plumeria Grove”.  We’re not related, at least not directly that I know of.  But we think it’s cool that there is a plumeria that is called the Dean Conklin.  Anyway, plumeria’s aren’t really in season right now, but there are plenty to go around.  I think they probably bloom year round.  So here’s a grove of plumeria trees (not in season mind you).

And here’s a couple of beauties close up, I wish you could smell how heavenly they are…

Next, Jeff parks the car and says we just need to run across the highway there to find a cache (check out if you’re not familiar with the term) and I’m thinking, we are on the side of a mountain over looking the crashing ocean and a curve is on either side of us and you want me to run across in just flip flops?  So we do, because I don’t wanna be wussy girly girl, then we climb over a guard rail and hike (climb) down a little ravine.  We turn a corner and what the hell?  There is a huge hole in the side of the mountain… it’s a tunnel and it’s dark and kinda creepy… but you walk in a few feet and you can see the light…

This tunnel goes from the mountain side of the highway, under the highway, and out on a cliff that over looks the ocean… I could have stayed there watching the surf all day.

I love it here… 

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