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Bad, bad, bad.


If you let it suck you in you’re toast.  I almost let it suck me in.  I’m climbing back out.  I have hope.

I’ll (The Mandrel) be around for a couple more months.  I have friends.  They didn’t run away and hide when I cried.  They rallied around me and helped me.  I am grateful.  I can and will be happy and hopeful and productive.  I have ideas, and glass, and talent.  I can and will do this.  I write it out because I need to “say” it where everyone can see it.  Or at least where I can see it.  🙂

Thank you to everyone who expressed concern and gave me ideas, and want to help.  I need to have my shop.  I want you to need it too. 

Peacocks Spacer Beads ~ By Prima Donna Beads


A new listing on Ebay… I have discovered the wonders of Gaia glass by Double Helix… I think I’ve had this stuff in my studio for more than a year now… used it for stringer work once or twice and was just slightly less than impressed.  Then I saw some beads made by another artist and she told me they were made with Gaia. I never would have guessed, so I tried it.  And I liked it.  I didn’t take the reduction as far as she does though, I kinda like being able to see the original color as well as the creamy blues the reduction flame brings out.  The colors remind me of peacock feathers.  So that’s my story and here ya go:



Not much to say the last few days… I’m contemplating.  It hurts.

I took a class with Josh Mazet over the week end… here’s proof::

I was using a huge Black Widow torch made by Carlisle… I got what was basically a “sun burn” on my hand from the heat of the torch…

Here’s Josh demo-ing:

He was using a CC… holy moly!



No, not personally… a bead set I named Ecstatic after I made and sold a similar set called Euphoria.  They are so pretty and I’m having a bit of trouble capturing how brilliant blue they really are… anyway, here they are, listed on Ebay… again. 

These have just a few hours left… so check them out too… they’ll go to Etsy next if no one bids on Ebay.

We’re off to Vegas tomorrow.  Glass Craft Expo is this weekend and I’m taking a marble class with Josh Mazet on Friday.  My very first boro and very first marble class… I’m very excited.



Things are rough… I know, things are rough all over.  Sigh.  It sucks.  But I have my dog (s).  This is Asia.  She’s my 10 year old female blue Shar Pei.  She’ll be 11 in just a few weeks.  Her AKC name is “Von Wrinkle’s Asia Blue”.  She doesn’t particularly like to let me take her picture, so here’s a nice butt shot.

Cute right?  Whaaaah?  Doesn’t everybody like their dogs butt?  Okay, here she is pretending to sleep.  She’s actually just tolerating the fact that I’m taking another picture of her.  She usually runs away and I get butt shots.

That’s my girl.  🙂

Harold Williams Cooney…


…Is a phenomenal glass artist… I think you all need to go and look at his auctions.  I’m posting a second blog post today because while it’s true that the last post was no joke, I needed to do something positive even if it’s just to blog about another struggling artist.

I’ve seen Harold’s beads in person, they are fantastic and if I could buy these I would…

But for now I will have to watch them sit on the ‘bay and hopefully see them go to a new home… Here’s the auction.  Bid high and bid often!  Good Luck Harold!

Oh and while you’re at it, please take a gander at my “for the first time in 4 years” auction… just some spacer beads and nothing as fantastic as what Harold is auctioning off.  But hey, we all gotta start somewhere right?




Twice in one week?  Really?  Here’s my excuse…
I’m stressed… I mean really really really stressed.  I have my studio and I’m not sure how much longer it’s going to be around.  People have stopped signing up for classes and that how I pay the bills.  There, I’ve said it.  I do not feel relief.  Now I will cry, then I will suck it up and slap smile on my face and pretend every thing is hunky dory. 

Oh, and if you think this is some kind of April Fool’s joke… It’s not, I wish I could say it was.