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Venice Beach Summer Fest


I don’t generally do shows like this, but it’s close to home and the booth fee wasn’t too bad.  Hubby is kinda freaking out, we’re not used to doing outdoor shows and he seems to think that getting in and out of there is going to be a disaster… I have faith that the promoter knows what they are doing and it won’t be so bad. 

Here’s a preview of what I’m working on for the show… I think I’ll have mostly finished jewelry…

16 wire wrapped daisy pendants… They are fun to make and break me out of my “neutral organic” color scheme.  I have lots more to do… earrings, and bracelets and and and… Let the count down begin.  🙂

Did you know???


Did you know I have not one but three different websites??  No?  Really?  Well, I do.  Did you know that I own my own brick and mortar store?   No?  I’m shocked!  I don’t think I’ve ever written about any of my websites… Sooo, let’s pick one out of the hat.

Oh look!  Prima Donna Beads!  I make beads and jewelry.  When I’m not carting my wares around the country, I do my best to load my art on to this website.  It’s a pain, I really think people respond better to the work when they can see it person.  I also don’t like having to measure and describe each and every piece.  I do my best but really don’t think writing that a bead is 22x22mm is great, and a photo of a bead next to a ruler is even less so.

However, I do like my website and I have made sales from it… I wish I could be a fly on the wall when someone comes across my home page… what is there that makes them stop?  Were they looking for me and already knew the web address?  Did they happen upon it accidentally?  I never know if it’s rude to get personal and ask when the order comes through. 

I have mostly beads and jewelry there, but I also have some of my other work too… I know how to sew.  I think it’s a dieing art.  I am always surprised when other people are surprised to learn that I know how.  Or maybe it’ just me that they are surprised about.  Hmmmm.

I also know how to draw, I think most people don’t know that.  My family does.  I actually graduated on the Dean’s List from the Art Institute with a 4.0 gpa.  I have a degree in graphic design… I used it only once to get a job… I wound up in a cubicle in warehouse with no windows.  I was sad.  They went bankrupt.  Oops.

So that’s one of my websites… I hope you learned something about me that you didn’t know before.  Have a great day everybody!  I’m late for work!

Collection, obsession or…


Or a case of OCD??  About 9 or 10 years ago I had been coveting Fiesta Ware… so when my mother in law asked what I wanted for Christmas I took that opportunity to tell her.

A few weeks later we (Jeff and I) opened a wonderful gift of 8 Fiesta Ware place settings… I was thrilled, hubby was obsessed.   And this is his obsession collection:

The original cobalt blue place settings, plus a few extra.
Serving dishes, mugs, tiny little pie plates, itty bitty fruit bowls,
corn cob plates, a coffee cups… there’s more!
Baking dishes and butter holders…
Spoon rests (oh yes, there’s more than one), utensil holders,
and I use a ramikin under the pepper mill… but wait!
Espresso mugs with a loop handle and the saucers to match…
Oh yes, for each of the little saucers there is a matching cup.
We started with this little corner unit… there are napkins rings,
tiny creamers of all colors, tea pots and coffee pots, pitchers,
salt and pepper shakers, a spaghetti plate, lidded canisters…
 Gravy boats, espresso cups with sticky outtie handles,
more coffee cups, serving dishes, pitchers, more serving serving
dishes, an egg plate, cream and sugar bowls with a matching drip
plate and even a Fiesta Ware sign that probably was in a shop at
some point.  Oh, but we’re not done yet!!  These were just the
cabinets that are in the dining room… 
Here’s yet another cabinet in the living room with vases of all sizes,
even little bud vases… more pitchers, and lidded canisters, candle
holders, and books about what?  Fiesta Ware!  I think there’s a
vintage Bauer pitcher in there too.  Imposter.
Oh you thought that was it?  Nope… we also have it in miscellaneous
places throughout the house… like:
On top of the secretary desk where I keep my jewelry making supplies.
In the den, not sure why those are sitting there… but there are sugar 
packet holder things, and a couple of tumblers and some small
plates and saucers… along with a Fiesta Ware plate clock.
And last but not least:
In the bathroom.
What else do you use to hold soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes?
So, collection?  Obsession?  Or OCD?

It’s not always junk mail…


So I am on a lot artist type online networking venues looking for that elusive “thing” that eventually propels you into “famous-ness”… I get a lot of emails, most of which are generally “junk mail” (this is different than spam in my world)… So, I wake up this morning and there is an email that may or may not be junk, so I don’t bother to open it right away… When I finally did open it I find out it’s NOT junk but a congratulations note telling me I am the featured artist on this website.

And they have one of my most favorite bead sets put up on their home page! Yay. 

I hope you’ll join My Craft Corner too, it’s small and intimate but it’s growing by leaps… Have a great Monday everybody.

A Great Week End…


Saturday started off with an early wake up call, about 8:30am.  Or the butt crack of dawn… no?  You mean the sun actually comes up earlier than that?  Well, for me that was waaaay early.  I went to sleep about 9:30 the night before just so I could get up that early.  But I digress… Jeff and I ventured over to the Torrance Farmer’s Market.  Veggies and flowers were on the agenda.

 We didn’t buy any leeks but they are so interesting I had to take a photo.
And it was probably a really great day to be selling flowers at the market… they were everywhere.
After the market we went over to Johnnie’s Pastrami in Culver City… I love the grilled chicken breast sandwich but you absolutely must add a couple of onion rings and some of their hot mustard.  Yummm.
Sunday morning was a hike in Palos Verdes… 
 It was overcast but that was a good thing.  Jeff said it would be too hot if the sun was out.  
There were wildflowers galore… Glad I don’t have allergies to these types of flora.
After a few hours of recuperation time, my son and hubby cooked a Mother’s Day dinner… fresh homemade cheese ravioli and pizza… My son is attending Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena.  I couldn’t be more proud of him.  He is so excited and he is doing really well.  And if his ravioli is any indicator of his talent, you should be making your reservations now.  Here’s my awesome kid making fresh pasta:
Mike making pasta 🙂
Fresh Cheese Ravioli

The sauce was a cream and sun-dried tomato, and really really good… hubby made the pizza, he’s a really good cook too… and it was so awesome to see them in my tiny galley kitchen cooking together.  Happy Mother’s Day to me.  It couldn’t have been better.  
Here’s my FaceBook album in case you’re interested in seeing all the photos

She’s Baaaack!


I’ve been sidelined.  I really really wanted to post at least one photo every day and write a couple times a week but things happen and things don’t go quite as planned.  I was really really sad and twice as scared.  But that’s all behind me now.  I’m still a little skittish, not quite out of the woods yet but I have my creativity back.  Here’s what I’ve been working on… whaddya think?  I love it, I think I’ll keep it or sell it… depending.  I dunno.

It’s funky and not quite perfect, but I still love it.  Lori & Kim murrini are my fav… we should all go buy more!
No, I don’t get any freebies for pimpin’ their wares, darnit.  I just love their murrini… 🙂

Sterling silver backing and sterling silver rivet (core)… textured one whack at a time with my spiral stamp… some final filing of the edges, some patina and a tumble with some stainless steel shot… voila!



I like Sundays… I wake up late (r), laze around in bed (usually with a dog or two), take my sweet time getting ready for work in my studio.  “My studio”, I like that.  Oh yeah, then I usually have one or two peeps who come in to rent torch time.  It’s a short working day, just about 5 hours… but I like it.

Right now I’m on a major cleaning spree, I have so many tools and things for silver smithing that I can’t get to because just a couple of days ago there was so much “stuff” on the work bench you couldn’t even see the top of the bench.  Frustrating, and crazy making.  Makes for little inspiration and even less actual jewelry making.

I’ve decided to bring home all the photography stuff, it’s just easier to take photos at home and that’s where I usually end up doing it anyway.  Now I have the top of an (empty) display case to showcase pretty things… I have lots of other artist’s beads that are sitting in plastic bins… really sad!  I’m just not sure how to display them and how to put the artists’ name near them without it being distracting or eventually so faded by the sun that it looks crappy.  Any ideas??  Please share, I’d love to hear suggestions from other people.  Oh just keep in mind, I have possibly about 100+ beads… scary.  🙂

Well, peeps.  If you took the time or have ever taken the time to read my rampblings, thanks!  Have a great Sunday.