Taken out!  So sorry for neglecting this blog but I was taken out by some wicked back pain.  Not sure what I did, but my back was “bothering” me for about a week, then wham!  I woke up one morning and couldn’t move.  The pain was excruciating.  It was so bad I made an after hours same day appointment with my docs office.  Those of you who know me well enough also know that I truly dislike going to the doctor.  So you know it was bad if I actually went. 

Jeff drove me over, and it was a good thing too ’cause they gave me a shot of something that was a combo pain killer/anti-inflammatory all rolled into one.  I started feeling the effect of this nice little cocktail about 5 minutes later.  They had us wait around for about 15 minutes then insisted on taking me down to the car in a wheelchair.  We got to the first floor when the nurse asks how I’m feeling and I have to admit to her that I’m feeling a little heavy in the lungs, kinda like when your choking back tears?  So, she tells the security guard to go get Jeff and she takes me back upstairs where the check my blood pressure and pulse ox levels.  By then I was feeling better and all was good.  I was free to go home with my 3 ‘scripts for pain and anti-inflammatory drugs. 

So 3 days spent in bed (mostly) then I had stuff to do… I had to go to the studio to host an open torch session.  Thank goodness everybody was so gracious knowing I was in a lot of pain.  It was fun, but I hope to do it again some day when I’m not in agony.

On that same day, I actually won a prize!  Have I told you that I’m completely and hopelessly addicted to Lori & Kim murrini?  Well, I am.  It’s their one year anniversary and they are so generous they are giving away murrini every single day of June!  I won, I won, I won!!  I never win anything… Here’s what I made with my Lori & Kim birthday murrini.

By the way, you still have time to win to if you go and buy some of their murrini they will put your name “in the hat” all through the month of June!  Hurry!  Here’s there website: http://www.loriandkim.com and they’re on Etsy too http://www.etsy.com/shop/loriandkim

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