So, it’s been more than a month since my last post… I had a show coming up, that I actually was panicking over.  Well, there was no reason to panic… turns out it’s not in my top 10 best shows.  Actually, the show sucked.  I should have figured.  The promoters photo is in the dictionary when you look up the word disorganized.

I’m desperately searching for something close to home, where people like what I do and don’t think I’m some sort of whack job for wanting $25 for 3 beads… It was not my worst show ever, that honor goes to the Pasadena Beads and Design Show where I took a huge hit, then the LA Bead Bazaar. 

So, I’m now selling off the all the jewelry on Etsy and my website.  Listing something daily so stay tuned…
Here I am on Etsy or you can click the side banner link.  And here’s my website, Prima Donna Beads.

These are my new favorite thing to make…

BTW, the sucky show was the 2nd Annual Venice Beach Summer Fest, there was no signage anywhere around the area of the show… they didn’t even have it listed as one of the events on the Venice Beach website but the other events that were going on down there were listed.  The promotor never once came by to find out how things were going, and the lack of organization, and parking was laughable.  So, there you go. 

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