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Soooo, hmmmm…


I was part of an Etsy Street Team, well, I’ve been part of several.  They are a lot of work.  Posting and chatting and listing and more chatting.  Bumping up threads and promoting not only your own work but other peoples work as well.  It can be overwhelming and exhausting.  Especially since I have 3 actual websites besides my Etsy store, a physical location where I host classes and do my work, a house to take care of, 4 dogs, 2 kids, and a hubby.  Whhhew!  But I digress.  I have to say, that I never noticed any more activity going to my Etsy store by being part of a “team”.  I can say that the last team I was on, I experienced a total of zero sales for all the hard work.  It’s disappointing and can lead to a blown ego.  I may have given up too easy, but I’ll never know.  I gave it a couple of months, and when I felt like I couldn’t keep up and couldn’t keep doing my part I let them know I had to go. 

A couple weeks ago I decided that if I was going to be a serious beadmaker, which was my intent when I opened my brick and mortar store (but what happened there is another post), I had to start doing something about that Etsy store whether I like the idea of paying someone else for my work or not.  So, I decided to list 5 items a day, that’s $1 per day for listing fees… I can do that.  I did for about 7-8 days straight, then I ran out of stuff to list.  Whoops!

It doesn’t seem to matter!  I’ve just been “sharing” what’s already there on Facebook and Twitter!  And it’s working!  I have in the last two weeks done better on my own than I ever did on a team.  I am grateful! 

So here are my meager tips…
1.  Have decent photos!  In focus at the very least.  I take mine outdoors for the most accurate color.
2.  List something every single day, or even every other day… on the days you don’t list, “share” things that are already listed in your shop.
3.  “Share” new listings on  Facebook and Twitter
4.  Have lots to choose from, all price levels.
5.  Make sure you price to include the listing fee and Etsy and Paypal’s “cut”, I think it’s about 3% of your listing price for both… which means, if you price something at $10.00, Etsy is going to charge .20 for listing and 3% of your $10.00… then Paypal is going to charge you 3% of that same $10.00.  So, your share is now $9.20… if that’s okay with you, then perfect.  If not, you need to charge a bit more so you can get what you want *for your product*.
6.  Postage… don’t forget that anything over 1/4″ is going to be a “large” package and cost about twice as much as something 1/4″ or less.  So charge adequately for your packaging and your shipping fees.  I just use First Class Mail in the US.  Orders over $50 get insured.

Just a few notes from me after a just a couple good weeks with Etsy.  I am definitely no expert, this is just what I’ve learnedin the last couple of weeks.  I hope it helps 🙂

ETA:  I lost my thought about the “street team” thing… my point was, you don’t need to be on an Etsy team to have success.  If you have the time and can do your part of being on the team, then go for it.  There is great camaraderie in being on a team.  It just didn’t work *for me*.  And please, if you’re going to be on a team, do your part, don’t let everyone else do the work… it’s not fair to the people who are doing their part.  It’s called a “team” for a reason. 

50 days to Hawaii…


I love it there, that’s it.  I wanna pack up my studio and my dogs and my kids and move to Hawaii.  The kids’ prolly don’t wanna go, but hey, I gotta offer.  50 more days and we’re outta here, albeit only for a week and then we have to come back.  Hubby keeps reminding me that it’ll only be 5 more months after that, then we get to go back.  Yay!

Drive by post…


Just real quick, I’m am a desperate marketing maniac right now… a goal of 5 listings a day for 30 day on Etsy.  I’m working on day 3 so keep checking back for lots of goodies!  Also, I joined Blog Frog and would love to see the visitors in Blog Frog widget and I’ve also “joined” SITS or I am a follower or something.  Sometimes you just can’t know exactly!  Anyway, please go check these things out.  I’d also love to be “hearted” or “favorited” on Etsy, I’m almost at 200 hearts now! 

Hubby is taking me to the hobby shop… maybe I’ll post a photo of what I find there… I’m on a quest!  Love ya peeps, have a great Sunday!