Drive by post…


Just real quick, I’m am a desperate marketing maniac right now… a goal of 5 listings a day for 30 day on Etsy.  I’m working on day 3 so keep checking back for lots of goodies!  Also, I joined Blog Frog and would love to see the visitors in Blog Frog widget and I’ve also “joined” SITS or I am a follower or something.  Sometimes you just can’t know exactly!  Anyway, please go check these things out.  I’d also love to be “hearted” or “favorited” on Etsy, I’m almost at 200 hearts now! 

Hubby is taking me to the hobby shop… maybe I’ll post a photo of what I find there… I’m on a quest!  Love ya peeps, have a great Sunday!

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  1. Donna, your working your tail off! Send some of that energy my way!!! Off to "heart" ya, I can't remember if I have already or not…we shall see!

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