Monthly Archives: July 2011

It’s Monday!


Today is day 3 in Hawaii. We got here Saturday mid-morning and first thing we did we rush off to a geo-caching event. If you’ve never heard of geo-caching go here here… it’s kinda fun, and if you get into it, you will wind up going places you never knew existed, even in you’re own city!

On Sunday, we went to the Ukulele Festival across the street from the condo, so we didn’t have to deal with finding a place to park… Yay! We saw a couple of booths set up with the most amazing musical instruments and even one set up with how they are made. Truly amazing and definitely an art in itself.

Today was paddle boarding! OMG! So much fun! Kahana Stream with Wendy our instructor then actually getting to catch some baby waves in the little bay after… I can totally see why surfers surf! I actually caught a little wave while I was out there and it was a total rush! I know, I am a total geek but it really was so much fun!

New Etsy listing and a new camera


On Saturday I hosted a class with Chiharu Richardson and she taught us how to make pansy beads… but for some bizarre reason I dreamed all night on Saturday about Cherry Blossom beads. Weird. So, Sunday I thought that I would try to make the beads using Effetre Dark Pink Opalino, no go… the pink burned out right away… bummer but no big deal because I have some love pink Gaffer glass, some white and black… sigh, that didn’t work either. But wait! I looked up and saw that I also have some Bullseye glass as well! Score! So here they are 3 cute little Cherry Blossom beads just listed on my Etsy =)

Just the first 9 photos are taken with my Nikon D3100… It’s going to be awesome to take with me on our trip to Hawaii in just 5 days!


New camera pics!



I really really planned on posting each Monday or Tuesday, my usual day at home… how ’bout if I just remember to post once a week?? Deal? Deal!

Okay, I’m getting ready for my Hawaii show. But first this… I had an instructor come in a few months ago and she taught how to make hibiscus flower beads. They are so cute, but alas, sculptural. I don’t really do sculptural… But I have this lovely Rubino Oro glass. I love it, but a lot of people do not because it kinda goes opaque instead of staying a lovely transparent fuchsia color… I’ve even made trades to get it back, that’s how much I really like it!

Anyway, I decided that a good use for the funky Rubino glass might be to try the sculptural hibiscus flower beads. I have the cute little instruction sheet from the instructor… so here I go. The first couple are a little “off”. Boo. After several attempts I think they are getting better… so I get adventurous and try a couple of other colors too! Yay!

These and more will be with at the next Soft Flex Hawaii show:

Did you know that if you clicky clicky on the pic it will open another browser window and you’ll get a bigger pic? Just figured that one out myself! =)