I really really planned on posting each Monday or Tuesday, my usual day at home… how ’bout if I just remember to post once a week?? Deal? Deal!

Okay, I’m getting ready for my Hawaii show. But first this… I had an instructor come in a few months ago and she taught how to make hibiscus flower beads. They are so cute, but alas, sculptural. I don’t really do sculptural… But I have this lovely Rubino Oro glass. I love it, but a lot of people do not because it kinda goes opaque instead of staying a lovely transparent fuchsia color… I’ve even made trades to get it back, that’s how much I really like it!

Anyway, I decided that a good use for the funky Rubino glass might be to try the sculptural hibiscus flower beads. I have the cute little instruction sheet from the instructor… so here I go. The first couple are a little “off”. Boo. After several attempts I think they are getting better… so I get adventurous and try a couple of other colors too! Yay!

These and more will be with at the next Soft Flex Hawaii show:

Did you know that if you clicky clicky on the pic it will open another browser window and you’ll get a bigger pic? Just figured that one out myself! =)

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