New Etsy listing and a new camera


On Saturday I hosted a class with Chiharu Richardson and she taught us how to make pansy beads… but for some bizarre reason I dreamed all night on Saturday about Cherry Blossom beads. Weird. So, Sunday I thought that I would try to make the beads using Effetre Dark Pink Opalino, no go… the pink burned out right away… bummer but no big deal because I have some love pink Gaffer glass, some white and black… sigh, that didn’t work either. But wait! I looked up and saw that I also have some Bullseye glass as well! Score! So here they are 3 cute little Cherry Blossom beads just listed on my Etsy =)

Just the first 9 photos are taken with my Nikon D3100… It’s going to be awesome to take with me on our trip to Hawaii in just 5 days!


New camera pics!

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