Monthly Archives: September 2011

A trip to Molokai…


…And right off the bat she gets nailed by a wave. You would think I could avoid this by now. Nope, happens almost every time. Look at the bottom of my shorts… soaked, before we even checked into the room.

Anyway, tomorrow (Friday) will be our last full day here, then home on Saturday. I’m glad we have one more day but I also like my home. My dogs and kids and **my** bed. If I can’t have the bed from the Four Seasons then I will settle for the one I have at home… dear lord that bed was comfy! Aloha peeps… see you in a couple more days!

Another trip to Hawaii! Or, don’t you wish you were here!


Yay! I had a great show this past weekend in Hawaii with the SoftFlex peeps at the Fall Glass Art and Bead Show… A good nights sleep after drinking nearly a whole bottle of champagne by myself and this morning we ventured off to Kailua for stand up paddle boarding to “flat island” which is just shy of 1 mile round trip… This is me paddling away:

This a photo on the island:

And this is where we came from:

Another bottle of champagne down the hatch and tomorrow morning we are off to Molokai! On Wednesday we are off to Lanai, then back to Oahu on Thursday. I will try to post something between now and then but who knows! Home again, home again on October 1. Sunday is my birthday! I will not tell you how old I am going to be, but just so ya know, I feel like I am 12!