It’s done…


And apparently it was pretty good for most people… not sure why it was sooo unbearably slow for me. And ::sob:: I didn’t sell a single one of my new style beads… I’m a little disheartened. I really really liked them. I suppose I’ll live.

Stay tuned though, I will probably list them on my website… just to ease the pain.

I met lots of fun peeps though! For example.. Lori & Kim! Gorgeous and addicting murrini!

JC Herrell… my inspiration for the new design…

Charlotte! My favorite seed bead vendor at Garden of Beadin’

My friend Judy Carlson (jujee beads) with her booth neighbor Noeleke

The beautiful Leah Fairbanks…

I have more pics on the camera! Will post more about the show later! I was really good and didn’t hardly spend anything! I usually go full tilt and spend way too much… this time I was good! Well, I did buy some crystals and lucite but I let Jeff pay for that… isn’t that nice of me! =)

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