Monthly Archives: December 2011

Mele Kalikimaka…


Means “Merry Christmas” in the Hawaiian language…

Thanksgiving has come and gone. Went to Arizona to visit family, drank too much, smoked too much. Came home, hosted a class with Claudia Trimbur-Pagel and learned tons! She is a great instructor and even though I was gritting my teeth until the very end about having enough peeps for the class, it all worked out in the end.

Isn’t it gorgeous? She gave me a necklace very similar to the one in the photo…

Now it’s getting so close to Christmas, I have maybe two gifts so far, no Christmas tree and I’m running out of time. Sigh.

Just about 9 weeks or so till we go back to Hawaii… I cannot wait. I’ve got an urge to get on a plane and go anywhere at this point. I just want to go!

Anyway, I hope you are doing well and celebrating *your* holiday whatever it may be. I will wish you all a Mele Kalikimaka.

Aloha ~Donna