A bead bending workshop…


Who the hell knew?? I didn’t. I have one, made my Lewis Wilson. I won it, and have worn it, but never really thought about how it was made. Then a bead maker named Laurie Nessel emailed me, she has family in Los Angeles, do I want to host a workshop about bead bending? Uh, okay. I am so glad I caved, even though we just got back from Hawaii after two weeks of being away. It usually takes me a several weeks to get back in the groove of real life… but I scheduled it in, and even though there were only 4 peeps to sign up, we made it a go. Here’s what the class produced…

Pretty cool, huh? So while all of this is going on I am crocheting seed beads like a mad woman. I want to submit something the Gallery of Excellence at the Glass Craft Expo in Vegas in a couple of weeks and I’ve lost the first rope I made along with a couple dozen boro disks. But! There was a reason! I had an epiphany! I am going to add a curved bead as the focal point! I wasn’t sure what I was going to do but now I know that this is the class I was waiting for. Anyway, pics of the project are forthcoming. I still need to make the curved focal bead. So, if you are in the LA area near my studio this weekend, the So Cal Flamesurfers are coming to The Mandrel to have their quarterly meeting on Saturday at 10am… Aloha!

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