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The Mandrel is moving… =)


This is a good thing.  The Mandrel has been struggling as I am sure most of my customers know.  The classes aren’t filling up the way they used to.  The international instructors were the most successful, but the idea that the instructor won’t make it past “why are you coming to the US”, I have shied away from hosting these workshops.  It’s just too much of a risk.

So when my landlord came to the door asking me if I was going to stay, I had to tell him “no”.  And then I found myself in a situation, am I closing or moving?

There are literally hundreds of empty commercial spaces around the Torrance, Redondo Beach, Lawndale area.  I searched Loopnet and Craigslist almost daily.  The problem?  It was going to cost me a few thousand dollars to move.  It’s the old first, last and deposit, plus the last months rent all in one fell swoop.  Ouch.

Then a week ago Friday, I found a spot.  I emailed the owner/manager and inquired.  She emailed back and said they were all leased out.  My heart sank and I started searching again.  Leah Fairbanks came in and taught a workshop while I am a panicked freaked out mess.  Sigh.  But, on Sunday, for some reason a peace came over me and I knew that things would be okay.  I didn’t search much that day.  I just concentrated on the workshop.

Monday morning I got this email:

Hi Donna,
I just got notice that I will have a space available.  It is 800 square feet, and $XXX per month plus CAM charges of $XX/month.  Please let me know if you would be interested in a showing.
Ummm, yes please!
By the afternoon I had see the new space, and filled out the application and credit/background check.  On Tuesday she asked to see my Certificate of Insurance.  By the afternoon, I was told it’s mine!  So, The Mandrel is moving to Harbor Gateway!
This is the the actual front… my space is the roll up to the right.  There is a candle maker on one side of me on the right… they don’t have a door on this side of the building.
This is the other side which is supposed to be the back, but I am going to use it as the front:
On the other side of me is a fire fighter who rents bouncy houses on the side =)  Then there is a guy who imports Japanese toys and one more guy who does pre-finish on wood siding for houses.
I’ve started packing, this is 12 boxes:
Here’s the new address:
25101 S Normandie Ave Unit C, Los Angeles (Harbor Gateway or Harbor City) 90710
The phone number will remain the same… my hours will be changing.  Noon to 6 Wed-Fri and Sunday Noon to 5 and by appointment.  I honestly do not mind if you need to come see me on a Saturday, Monday or Tuesday or even if you can’t make it till 6:15.  Just give me a call and I will do my best to accommodate you.  =)  
Very Happily Yours ~Donna @ The Mandrel

Happy Father’s Day…


To all the men who actually were Dad’s…

I’ve been listing like crazy in my Etsy store… I’ve lowered prices on my beads sets.  I’ve gotten a little faster in my bead making so I am passing the good stuff on to you!

I also got a new book, “Bohemian Inspired Jewelry”… and here is my first piece from one of the projects.  What a great book!

My next show is in July at The Gathering – ISGB convention in Seattle.  I can’t wait… then we are off to Hawaii in September for the SoftFlex Bead Show… all of the beads in my shops will be going with me.  So if you see something listed, don’t wait.  It might not be there long.  =)

Happy Summer!