The Gathering… the aftermath


I wish I could tell you about all the loot I collected… but I didn’t collect anything.  =(
I got a few trade beads, I think I gave away 9, donated 5 to Beads of Courage and brought home 5.  Which I will list with Beads of Courage in their artist section.

I’m not sure why I am in a funk.  I had a good time, but didn’t really do anything.  I saw a couple of presentations, and walked the technical vendors floor.  The thing is, I can buy all of the same stuff from their websites online.  There’s really no incentive to buy while you’re there, at least not for me.  So, I didn’t buy anything.

I went to the opening reception, saw the FlameDame’s do their thing and drank a little too much on Thursday.  No hangover (thank goodness).  Then walked around at a couple of the art fairs that were going on around the hotel in Bellevue on Friday.

Saturday was the Bead Bazaar, my sales were mediocre at best.  I think I need a “thing”.  Or something.  I don’t know.  I didn’t bother with going back to the technical vendors, even though I was contemplating going and getting some glass from Double Helix… but in the end changed my mind.

On Sunday I got up early and did a 5k for Beads of Courage… I managed to come in second in my age group and 34th overall.  Then I came home…

I’m super tired for what seems like no reason.

Here’s me and rockstar Jean Baruch founder of Beads of Courage… at the end of the race.  I had gotten so emotional at the end I started crying and wound up hyperventilating myself… what a dip.  ðŸ˜†

And just in case you have no idea what Beads of Courage is… please be a love and go read this:

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