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Happy New Year!!


See ya 2010… I can’t say I’m sorry to see you go…  :p

I got to sleep about 1:30am… not my choice, I have assholes for neighbors.  But let’s not go there today 🙂

Hubby took me to San Pedro (the edge of Palos Verdes) to go to the tide pools… we’ve gone every January first for about 4 or 5 years now.  I got a huge stash of shells, sea glass, and urchin “shells” this time… don’t worry, I didn’t take anything that was alive… and we always tread lightly.

 An amazing view of Catalina
And a seagull
 Lots of sea stars

 Inside of this clam shell an itty bitty sea urchin found a home
Look, there were hundreds!  And they’re purple!!
Mussels and some sort of shorty type seaweed… kinda looked like moss.

I can’t wait…


A fresh New Year… 2011.  I feel like I need a fresh start.  I want to do so many things but just feel so conflicted.  Time to set some priorities… Here’s my list:

1.  Clean out the extra bedroom that been sitting “empty” for more than a year now.  I want to use it as a crafting room, hubby doesn’t seem to care about using it and good lord it’s totally wasted space.  Get outta my way, I’m moving in.  By doing this, I will clear off the upstairs desk, make space in my dining room and make more room in my shop.  Amazing right? 

2.  Sort through all my jewelry making, photo stuff, show displays, etc.  I want them neatly stored in bins/boxes so I can easily see and get to them, instead of digging through drawers only to find it a couple weeks later in a zip lock at in a paper sack some place completely unexpected.

3.  Sort through my dresser and closet.  I have way too many clothes.

4.  Hire some one to come clean the area rugs, my little carpet cleaner isn’t handling the job very well.

5.  I would love to hire a crew to come in and clean my house from top to bottom… I mean the “deep clean”… like what they do on those cleaning shows on TV… you know, tops of door frames and stuff you just don’t think about cleaning until your mother in law is coming over?

That’s it for now… what is on your priority list?  I’d love to hear what other people are thinking of doing.