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My Dog…

Kuai… she’s the one behind the punk ass dog in the foreground.  More about her another time.  For now, let’s reflect on Miss Kuai.  She’s a pure bred Chinese Shar Pei.  She’s 9 years old.  Her papered AKC name is “Asia Blue’s Princess China Kuai”.  Kuai means “chopstick” in Chinese.  Hubby wanted to name her Chopstick… I wasn’t keen on that idea, after all, she was supposed to be my dog.  I wanted to name her Princess… I was out voted, so we compromised and we call her Kuai.  
My girl Asia is the momma to Kuai and I thought Kuai would be my dog.  You know… because I live in a house full of men.  The girls would stick together.   Nope.  She adores Jeff.  She always has.  She has stayed by his side and would have his puppies if she could.  She comes to me when he’s not around.  I’m second choice… Kuai tolerates me.  She’s a strange dog, I think she doesn’t know she’s a dog.
And walking up the stairs this evening I looked down at her and she at me with her big brown puppy eyes, it was then I realized, her head is too small for her body.
And I giggled.