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We are midway between our last anniversary trip to Hawaii and the next one where I actually must work… During our last trip we had new portraits done, just the two of us. The last time we did that, they turned out pretty crappy and I don’t think we purchased any of them. Anyway, here’s a sample of the photographers work:

He really was fantastic.

Right now I’m getting ready for 3 shows and 4 workshops in the next 4 months… Also, my baby sister is getting married, so Vegas! Here I come! One day in, the next day out, then I leave for Hawaii the following day… I may set up a cot in LAX.

Here’s a preview of what I’m making for the Hawaii show:

Cherry Blossoms, super cute! Aloha!

No Apologies…


I won’t even apologize for my absence. I have no excuse. I can’t even say I’ve been too busy… ’cause I have had time and have even thought about posting. I just haven’t really felt like it.

I am going to try and pull it together, I’ve done some fun stuff since my last post. I trip to Hawaii (yes, again!), a trip around my own beach cities area where I even took some fantastic photos (imho), and a get together with my girl cousins, aunts and a couple of “nieces” this past weekend which included a trip to Olvera Street and the Original Farmer’s Market located here in LA, which I had never been to. I am a California native… Los Angeles to be specific!

So, should it all be lumped into one post? Separate posts? Are you sick of hearing about my trips to Hawaii?? Leave that out, put it in? I don’t know.

Fiction or Fact… Fact or Fiction…


I’m supposed to be writing a “fact or fiction” blog post… but I really don’t know what to write about that.  So, I thought I’d play a little game instead…  Here’s what I’m gonna do, I am going to write a statement regarding something about my my life, could be personal, business, who knows… but it will be something about me…  You tell me if it’s fact or fiction…  don’t worry if you’ve never met me before, you have a 50/50 chance of getting each answer correct, right?

The person who gets the most questions will win a little prize I haven’t decided what yet but I hope you won’t be disappointed.  So here we go:

  1. I am owned by 4 Shar Pei dogs
  2. I’ve been married for almost 25 years 
  3. I have 5 or 8 tattoos depending on how you count them
  4. I hate milk
  5. I have a degree in graphic design
  6. I opened my store after only making beads for 18months
  7. I am one chicken away from being a vegetarian
  8. I wish I lived in Hawaii – okay, who doesn’t?  You can’t get this one wrong the answer starts with an “f” 😆
  9. My hubby did live in Hawaii
  10. I’ve lived in California my entire life

Okay… go!  Please don’t forget to leave your email addy so I can contact you if you’re the winner!

I’ll choose choose the winner… some time on Sunday January 16 and let you know sometime around 2 Pacific time…  =)   Good luck!!

A cruise around the North Shore…


Behind the line of trees out there in the center of the pic is a man made “pond” outside of where a river empties into the ocean… He’eie Pond.  Worms and other good fish food flow down from the mountain and when high tide comes in the ocean fish go there to feed, there is such an abundance of food they just stay.  Eventually they are too big to get out.  This gives the local people a supply of fresh fish.

Near where we saw the “pond” we found this man  He is a canoe builder/repair guy… The canoes he had there are beautiful and the wood silky smooth.  This one was originally made from one solid log… it started out 40′ feet long but the club that owns it wants it bigger.  It’s now a patch work of wood and is 45′ long.

While we were there we found a new a house:

And Jeff finally got that boat he’s been dreaming of:

Heheh, nice right?  Just kidding… But what do you think this is? 
Do Not Hang Upside Down From The Wave…

Or maybe there was a red flag warning:

And this is why:

Hard to show the magnitude of this… the waves were huge.

One last thing.  If the stupid keyless entry fob thingy for your rental car decides to take a shit, this is not a bad place to be when it happens…

This does not suck…


I survived!  The show is over.  I managed to keep hold of most of my money… but still got a few things from Green Girl Studios and from ElementZ Designs, they were kind enough to trade with me, yay!!  Green Girl Studios make the funkiest cutest pewter cast beads, and Andrew Thornton is too much fun.

Opposite end of the bead scale is ElementZ Designs, owned by Tanya a local artist from the “Big” island…she makes beads made of wood and buffalo horn as well and leather cut outs for use in jewelry.

I also got a very cool bead from Sara Sally LaGrand who was directly across from me (so was Miss Katherine Natalia Wadsworth) and a kumihimo braiding kit from the people who run a local bead store near the Ward Warerhouse, right across the street if I remember correctly 🙂

Jeff moved us from Waikiki to Kailua while I worked the last few hours of the show yesterday.  It’s beautiful… Some how, he managed to keep how awesome the little house is a secret from me for an entire year.  The ocean is just yards away and you can fall asleep listening to the pounding surf.

This is the view out the slider facing the ocean.

And this a view from the bedroom window.

We have a house cat named Juliette, she belongs to the neighbors but hangs out at the beach rental.

This morning we went for a walk and we saw these…
Yes, that’s a sea turtle… no, we weren’t at a park or anything.  These guys hang out at a place called Turtle Cove.  There were probably a dozen or more that we could see.  Turtles just swimming around, popping their heads out every now and then.  They are friendly and you can get really close.  Jeff is trying to get me to go swimming with them… heh, yeah… 🙂  Aloha!

3 Days…


So, I thought I would post on Mondays (to write about the week-end) and again Fridays (to write about the week).  This time though, I’m going to write on Monday to write about the week ahead…

Most of you probably know I am a glass bead maker/jewelry maker… and I occasionally travel to places to work a trade show… This coming week-end I am going to hawk my wares at a show in Hawaii… Honolulu at the Ward Warehouse, to be specific.

I have nothing packed, laundry to do, beads to clean, sort and price.  I have an appointment to get my hair cut tomorrow at 1.  I need to touch up my grey hair and I’d like to get a pedicure and new pair of sandals.  I have a special order set of beads in the kiln that need to cleaned and photographed so my customer can see if she likes them… Oh, and my dog needs a bath. 

The next time you hear from me, I’ll be done with day one of my show… maybe sportin’ a couple new tattoos.  Well, if that happens you’ll probably hear from me before Friday…  🙂  ALOHA!

UPDATE: 7:35pm pacific time…
I got the flip flops (2 pair!) a cute top and a new dress, got the hair color, and made some more beads and Flower Power pendants, but I forgot my customers beads when I left the studio.