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Long lost friends…


For the last few years, off and on, I have been kinda sorta looking for my BFF from Jr. High. I thought I missed her, I thought we were good “friends”. Real friends, the kind you trust with your deepest secrets… I didn’t find her but a few weeks ago (or maybe even months) I found her baby sister, yay!

So, today I had lunch with a girl (woman really, she’s all grown up now) for no other reason than because it’s been many years and lots of babies since we’ve last seen each other. I liked her then, she had a good heart and sweet. She looks the same, adorable with a sweet smile, and she is the same, she still has a good heart and sweet. She’s done good for herself, and she does good for other people and I’m glad for that.

She posed a question to me as we were walking away (I won’t tell you what the question was because it doesn’t really matter)… but it made me question the friendship I thought I had with her sister, the one I held so dear for so long, the one that made me seek the person I thought was my friend. One simple question, and all those years that I thought she was my friend and the years I have spent looking for her… what a waste of time. I am sad, a little heart broken. Another brick in the wall.