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A cruise around the North Shore…


Behind the line of trees out there in the center of the pic is a man made “pond” outside of where a river empties into the ocean… He’eie Pond.  Worms and other good fish food flow down from the mountain and when high tide comes in the ocean fish go there to feed, there is such an abundance of food they just stay.  Eventually they are too big to get out.  This gives the local people a supply of fresh fish.

Near where we saw the “pond” we found this man  He is a canoe builder/repair guy… The canoes he had there are beautiful and the wood silky smooth.  This one was originally made from one solid log… it started out 40′ feet long but the club that owns it wants it bigger.  It’s now a patch work of wood and is 45′ long.

While we were there we found a new a house:

And Jeff finally got that boat he’s been dreaming of:

Heheh, nice right?  Just kidding… But what do you think this is? 
Do Not Hang Upside Down From The Wave…

Or maybe there was a red flag warning:

And this is why:

Hard to show the magnitude of this… the waves were huge.

One last thing.  If the stupid keyless entry fob thingy for your rental car decides to take a shit, this is not a bad place to be when it happens…